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64 440 000

The value in dollars of SA’s cotton exports in 2022. The possible opportunity cost to the economy of sacrificing local beneficiation was about US$109 million.


The average number of countries to which a garment travels before reaching a customer.

31 000 000 000

The market worth in US dollars of the African fashion and textile industry in 2020.

The Debbie Wingham “Egg” bag.
The Debbie Wingham “Egg” bag.
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The age at which Yves Saint Laurent became head designer at Dior in 1957.


The year SA designer Thebe Magugu won the prestigious LVMH Prize, becoming the first African to do so.


The percentage of African fashion businesses that are micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, according to the African Development Bank.

6 700 000

The price in US dollars of the Debbie Wingham “Egg” bag. It consists, in part, of an emu egg, fastens with a pair of US$40 000 Cartier earrings, and is festooned with about 8 000 diamonds set in platinum and 24kt gold.

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The number of Dalmatian puppies it would probably take to make a full-length fur coat. Cruella de Vil’s 101 is overkill.


The number of fashion houses awarded the “haute couture” label by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode in 2023. They include Dior, Chanel, Adeline André, and Franck Sorbier.


The number of tonnes of CO2 that a hectare of flax (used to make linen) removes from the atmosphere each year.

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