The Etihad Residence.
The Etihad Residence.

82 600 000

The number of visitors to France in 2022, making it the most visited country last year, followed by 75.6 million visitors to the US and 75.6 million to Spain.


The average weight in grams gained by travellers during a trip lasting one to three weeks.


The number of Monaco residents who are billionaires, despite its being smaller than Central Park.

64 000

The price of the most expensive airline ticket, in dollars, on Etihad Airways. It comes with a queen-sized bed, a shower, and some very fancy food and drinks.

First World Hotel in Malaysia.
First World Hotel in Malaysia.
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7 3511

The combined number of hotel rooms in the two buildings of the First World Hotel in Malaysia, giving it the largest capacity in the world. MGM Grand Las Vegas has 5 124 rooms in one building.

14 800 000 000

The total amount won by Nevada Casinos in 2022 — this December was the 22nd consecutive month that US casinos made more than $1-billion.

62 000 000

The number of jobs estimated to have been lost in the travel and tourism industries last year, owing to the pandemic.

The Ghan.
The Ghan.
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221 096

The length in metres of 44-coach passenger train The Ghan (running from Adelaide to Darwin), making it the longest passenger train in the world.

600 000 000

The price in dollars of the Airbus A380 ordered by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia in 2007 — the priciest private jet after the US’s Air Force One.

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585 000 000

The number of inbound travellers who arrived in Europe in 2022, which is still below pre-pandemic levels.


The legal minimum number of paid vacation days in Austria — and Austrians get an additional 13 paid holidays a year.

 From the May edition of Wanted, 2023.

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