The Google Find My Device App
The Google Find My Device App
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We’ve all experienced the panic and hassle of misplacing a phone or wallet while travelling. Google aims to eliminate that anxiety with its new crowdsourced Find My Device network, which rolls out globally this year.

Using advanced encryption and privacy protections, it harnesses the combined strength of over 1 billion Android devices to help locate lost items tagged with compatible Bluetooth trackers, similar to how Apple’s Find My network operates with AirTags. The updated Find My Device app lets you ring offline phones/tablets to find them nearby, displaying the locations on a map. It will soon extend to pinpoint-ing missing valuables by leveraging Nest smart-home speakers, displays, and Wi-Fi points back home.

Starting in May, Bluetooth tracker tags from brands such as Chipolo, Pebblebee, and Panther become part of the secure Find My ecosystem, ensuring wallets, keys, luggage, and anything else tagged never stray too far. The service also allows family sharing, so every-one in your travel crew can join forces in tracking down lost belongings. Available on Android devices running Android 9 or later.

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