BeamO Monitor
BeamO Monitor
Image: Supplied

This four-in-one portable “multiscope” monitor officially debuts later this year, af- ter having been shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024. It combines medical-grade sensors from thermometers, elec- trocardiograms, pulse oximeters, and stetho- scopes to allow at-home check-ups. In just 60 seconds, BeamO measures vitals such as body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level, breathing sounds, and heart rhythm. It syncs this data to the Withings app and, if any issues are detected, prompts an alert.

The app stores the full history of health readings and actionable advice, as well as any family medical history that you’ve up- loaded. All of this can be shared with a phy- sician. You’re also able to log medication you’re on and set alerts for when it needs to be taken. £219.95,

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