Sarah Buitendach.
Sarah Buitendach.
Image: Aart Verrips

Ed’s Letter | All the small things…

I was at a bar called blind tiger on the day that Stats SA told us that we were technically in a recession. It also happened to be the evening of the first — unseasonably early — Joburg rain.

Perhaps it was triggered by the breaking of months of electric dryness and an August wind that could drive anyone to depression. Perhaps it was the punch in our collective economic gut that early September, but (and there isn’t a more elegant way to say this) the place went off. It was next level. For a few hours, the Tiger growled with an energy fuelled by committed drinking, “wild and whirling words”, and a lot of laughing. It was as if we’d all escaped the reality of the rand, myriad commissions, and wretched Twitter for a tiny moment and were luxuriating in forgetting.

Like that night, it’s often the little indulgences that get us through life.

Sure, the trip I took to Thornybush recently was no little indulgence. On the contrary, it was a big, decadent extravagance. Lying in the bath watching elephant outside the window was the ultimate decompression. But we shouldn’t underestimate the power of the last-minute midweek dinner at La Tête. The spending a Sunday in bed, laughing while you read AA Gill’s old columns. The conversation with smart people over a glass of Macallan. The thrill of finding a pair of Jimmy Choos, in your size, at the 90% sale at Luminance — I swear, it really happened to me.

Hopefully this, my first issue at the helm of this particularly sparkling starship, will be that for you too: a bijoux treat to start your day. One with a lot of good stuff to get you through the last stretch of a hard year. It’s heavy on nostalgia thanks to roller skates, a Lamborghini to die for, Business Day editor Lukanyo Mnyanda on Yeoville of yore, and the 300-year-old Peter Bruce on Wanted’s history. But we’ve also got dating, we’ve got high-end lodges, tax havens — and the Cape Town restaurant where you’ve got to book a table immediately.

Take it for a spin.

Bulgari Man Wood Essence.
Bulgari Man Wood Essence.
Image: Supplied


Make no bones about it — the right scent can make me want to do bad things to good men. Seriously, a good cologne can make a half-decent-looking chap instantly handsome. Which is why I’m rather taken with the new Bulgari Man Wood Essence.

No, actually, that’s an understatement. I smelled it in the office and immediately started to make big pronouncements about how all the fellas in the area had to start wearing it immediately (not that I think they’re not all terribly handsome to start with).

Our beauty editor, Nokubonga, tells me that it was created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and that it’s a neo-woody fragrance. I can buy that — it’s strong and green and contemporary. And here’s the thing: I’ve actually taken to wearing it myself. I think it smells pretty damn sexy on my own skin (and, hopefully, it has made me look better too). Give it a try. I guarantee you you’ll turn more heads.


Yes, yes — I’m late to the party. If, like me, you haven’t got stuck into the drama that haunts the devastatingly handsome and complex detective chief inspector John Luther (Idris Elba), now is your chance. The crimes he cracks are terrifying (memo to always check under your bed). The chemistry between Luther and his, um, sidekick Alice Morgan is electrifying — and season five of this hit British series is due for release soon. Catch up on Netflix now. It’s the perfect way to pass the JNB-LHR stretch.

WATCH | Luther trailer for season five:

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