Montblanc MB 01 Smart Headphones.
Montblanc MB 01 Smart Headphones.
Image: Montblanc

In an already crowded audio industry, does the world need more luxury headphone options? Probably not. But that didn’t stop Montblanc – known for excellent craftmanship and design – from entering the space, a departure from its usual pens, watches, leather goods and travel accessories.

Built for luxury and to meet the demands of the jet-setting traveller, the Montblanc MB 01 Smart Headphones are a first for the brand. Designed with travel in mind, they are compact, foldable, noise-cancelling and have a long battery life. Made from aluminium and robust silicon, and developed with sound expert Alex Rosson, the headphones not only look great, but also sound great.

Unfortunately, the timing of these travel-savvy headphones could not be more awkward but there are many reasons why they are a worthwhile investment beyond the airport – even with their hefty price tag.

Our fave features:

  1. Ergonomic design: The headphones are built for comfort, while easily foldable and compact;
  2. Active noise-cancelling technology;
  3. 20-hour battery life;
  4. Equipped with Google Assistant;
  5. Come in three colours (we love choice!): brown, black and light grey;
  6. Function across a broad range of Bluetooth devices, including iOS and Android; and
  7. Come with a USB-C charging cable, audio jack cable and an airplane adaptor.

The Montblanc Smart Headphones retail for R9,600 and are available at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online.

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