Lumberjack Amber Ale.
Lumberjack Amber Ale.
Image: Jack Black Beer

Proving that well-designed drinks are as timeless as they are tasty, Jack Black’s Brewing Co has brought back its cult classic, Lumberjack Amber Ale, for a limited time only. Packaged in its original form, this specialty craft beer captures the essence of strength, just like the mighty redwood that inspired its creation. A robust amber ale, it delivers a malty intensity with a pine-citrus nose. Perfect for sipping anywhere, especially while exploring the great outdoors.

Fewer than 300 cases are available (from select stockists, Jack Black’s online store, and its Taproom), retailing for approximately R580 per case of 24, or R29 per 340ml bottle.

• From the July edition of Wanted, 2023.

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