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Ed's letter | Unforgettable

When we started to plan this edition of Wanted Watches, Jewellery, and Luxury, the team agreed that it was time for all things natural to be our chief source of inspiration. After all, the worlds of high jewellery and haute horlogerie have forever drawn on nature for some of their finest designs. Plus, as global conversations about sustainability and conservation become increasingly urgent, we were seeing luxury stepping up to play its part too.

Then came Covid-19, and our nature focus became especially poignant. Life as we knew it changed almost overnight, and much has been written and said about the role our modern lifestyle has played in this growing threat from an unseen enemy.

But, while we continue to grapple with a new way of living, and wonder how this is all going to end, I marvel at the resilience and optimism of the world of luxury brands that — thankfully — have the resources to play an important role in a safe new world.

Not only have many of these brands already made quite incredible contributions to the Covid effort (see Kath Kesselaar’s piece, Luxe Lends a Hand, on page 59), as Gary Cotterell writes on page 80, there are many luxury brands investing research and resources in sustainable practices.

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Maybe I’m stretching the metaphor, but I’m really hopeful that, just as nature has demonstrated its extraordinary ability to revive and blossom after natural disasters like fire and flood, so too our beautiful world of luxury and innovation, technology, and design will thrive once more and continue to be a force for change.

Stay safe in these unforgettable times.


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Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly is Business Day Wanted's Special Editions editor.

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