A taste of the good life with the Most Wanted Club.
A taste of the good life with the Most Wanted Club.
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Gone are the days when using the word “luxury” simply referred to items, to things, to incredibly expensive bags or to plush penthouses over Central Park. Sure, they’re still both part of the luxe package – after all, who’d say no to an exquisite Birkin tote – but the concept has evolved hugely, taking on far more intellectual, ethical and thoughtful dimensions.

Today, when you talk to anyone in the luxury industry, they’ll tell you how their realm is all about experiences and responsibility. At Wanted, we couldn’t agree more. 

As the pre-eminent, oldest luxury publication in SA, we have long held an interest in smart, joyful and meaningful ways to spend time and money. We think savouring an exceptional bottle of red wine on a sunny Highveld Sunday afternoon is luxury; that a visit to Madrid or Maputo purely to see art gets us going; that a long, decadent lunch, looking out over the Atlantic, is what we’d love to be doing right now. We think spritzing on a fine perfume and putting on a bespoke tweed jacket say luxury to us. We think reading is luxurious. Long swims are luxurious. Good design is luxurious. Great, meaningful conversations are luxurious.

Crucially, we also think philanthropy is luxurious. Helping people and causes, and choosing products that are thoughtfully made and mindful of our world and environment because you can and want to, is undeniably chic.

So, we have decided to act on our way of thinking – a modern manifesto for a new kind of luxury – and open the domain you see on our pages every month to our readers and clients. Expect the experiences, the engagement, the responsibility in living colour. We know that your time is precious, so we’re not going to be overboard about this, but when we do decide to throw big bashes and have talks, cocktail evenings, masterclasses, dinner parties or other delightful gatherings (and we will), we want you to be part of them.

We want to know what you’re thinking, what you love, what luxury means to you. We promise they’ll be smart, sophisticated, incredibly enjoyable – and, of course, utterly Wanted.

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