Ed's letter | Mastering the art of smart casual — it’s never made more sense to dress up and down at the same time

Didier Drogba.
Didier Drogba.
Image: Supplied

This beautiful image of football legend turned peace activist Didier Drogba epitomises so much of what this edition of Wanted Watches, Jewellery and Luxury is all about: a return to elegant style with a touch of sporty chic – in this case Didier’s eye-catching Richard Mille watch.

In my book there are few looks more eye-catching than a man dressed in a well-cut blazer or suit — teamed with super-cool sneakers. Wearing a sporty watch with a tailored look has the same effect. It’s the high-low combination that fashion has been doing for years, and jewellery is now officially part of the style action: diamonds in the daytime, an IWC Top Gun Pilot’s Watch with your dinner jacket. All these looks say: “I’m interesting. I have a life beyond this suit.”

But more than that, this attitude also says, “I have work to do,” and there is hardly a luxury watch and jewellery brand that isn’t putting its name to incredible projects to make the world a better place. Monsieur Drogba himself is the vice president of non-profit organisation Peace and Sport, and he campaigns ceaselessly for peace and better living standards in his home country of Côte d’Ivoire.

First, there are the incredible Rolex Awards for Enterprise as well as the brand’s recently launched campaign, Perpetual Planet. It’s a massive project, and one can only imagine the impact that Rolex has had in the 43-year history of these awards.

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But there’s more: Omega is actively supporting ocean conservation projects in Indonesia, a portion of sales of all Frédérique Constant Heartbeat watches go to heart health organisations, and Blancpain has set up The Protectors programme to have 30% of the earth’s oceans classified protected areas by 2030. The list of luxury brands supporting good work is endless.

So, there’s actually a third reason to dress up and down this season — you’ll be investing in a better world too.



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