Ed's letter | What a difference a day makes...

Production: Sharon Armstrong and Louw Kotze. Production designer: Daryl McGregor.
April Issue 2020 Production: Sharon Armstrong and Louw Kotze. Production designer: Daryl McGregor.
Image: Kevin Mackintosh

One minute you’re having lunch with mates at Bellinis, bragging about your imminent US vacay. The next, you’re holed up at home, thinking nostalgically about that visit to the petrol station last week.

What a turn our world has taken since I wrote my last editor’s letter. In less than a month, my life has become a bizarre balance of bouncing between live updates of The New York Times, The Guardian, and BusinessLIVE to keep myself in the loop regarding coronavirus breaking news, stats, and presidential statements. And, well, little else.

I’ve always worked from home when I needed to, but now my bed-office (boffice) is the new normal.

In my de facto realm of self-isolation, I’ve been on my social media drug of choice — Instagram — a lot. And that’s where friend and fellow journalist Nechama Brodie and I hatched a plan. In a moment of delirious overzealousness by the two of us, who are living and working in our PJs, we decided to start an Insta challenge that forced us to get creative. So for the past two weeks we’ve been picking a theme daily and kitting ourselves out, even though we are tantamount to being #alldressedupwithnoplacetogo.

We’ve been artistic masterpieces and dressed like our 1990s selves. I channelled my inner Hilary Mantel, and went quasi-Tudor, and we’ve gone fully black and white. We even got dolled up like the girls in a Robert Palmer music video. White ’80s guitars included. Others on the ’Gram are joining in, and so far, we’re amused (and are hopefully amusing) and well distracted. Of course, what it boils down to is proper escapism. From something totally devastating that feels absolutely out of our control.

Wanted editor-in-chief Sarah Buitendach working from her "boffice".
Wanted editor-in-chief Sarah Buitendach working from her "boffice".
Image: Supplied
Wanted editor-in-chief Sarah Buitendach's #alldressedupwithnoplacetogo.
Wanted editor-in-chief Sarah Buitendach's #alldressedupwithnoplacetogo.
Image: Supplied

Likewise, this issue of Wanted has provided our team with some solace. Poring over the shoots created by photographer Kevin Mackintosh and our fashion team (and the cover) reminded me of the incredible talent in this country. Robyn Louw’s piece on buying a racehorse made me laugh out loud — it’s also utterly fascinating. As is Zanele Kumalo’s story on luxe CBD products. Now there’s a base ingredient to give some real calm right now, let’s be honest.

LOOK | Page through the digital copy of Wanted's April issue (enlarge for easy viewing):

We’ve compiled our lists of podcasts, movies, and YouTube shows to watch when you’re at home. We got literal and picked a few bubble hotels and geodesic domes to which you can dream of escaping. We even have a piece by Jono Hall about the magic of board games. I have a physical repulsion to the concept but even I am tempted by his spinning a magic web about their charms.

Who knows where we’ll find ourselves in four weeks’ time, but I hope this issue gives you a small break and offers the luxury and loveliness Wanted has always stood for.

Keep yourself and your family safe and, where you can, show all the kindness and generosity possible. They never go out of fashion.           

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Cover credits: Fringe wool neckpiece, R1,950, Erre; jacket, R2,680, AKJP.

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