Patricia Terre & Rizqah Isaacs
Patricia Terre & Rizqah Isaacs
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The one indulgence you would never forgo? Day dreaming. We can travel the world, and fill our wardrobes with luxury, our houses with babies, and our future with success, in just one lunch. Day dreaming fuels our souls and pushes us to move forward. – Both

What are your essential lotions and potions? I use Kiehl’s toner and moisturiser and Eve Lom cleaners and SPF 50+ to protect my skin against the sun. – Rizqah

Which gadget couldn’t you live without? I would definitely have to say my laptop. I absolutely couldn’t live without it. I can work and run my business from anywhere. – Rizqah

What is your most sentimental and important object? My most precious thing I own is a delicate gold necklace with my son’s name, which was given to me by my husband on the day he was born. – Rizqah

What is your preferred drink? Gin and tonic. I never had it in my wild days: it kind of came with maturity. I enjoy preparing lemon-peel-infused ice and adding rosemary and pink pepper. I like it most when mixed with any citrus, although I wouldn’t say no to a cucumber classic. – Patsy

When you eat out, where do you go? We are experts when it comes to lunching out. We have our classics, which we always repeat: La Perla, El Burro Taqueria, South China Dim Sum, Chefs Warehouse, Clarke’s, and Marrow. – Patsy

Which element of your wardrobe signifies your style? The espadrille. It represents tradition, femininity, and, of course, summer. It has been a holiday essential for women around the globe for decades. We believe one can measure somebody’s style just by looking at their shoes, and there is certainly no better shoe to wear on a summer holiday. – Both

What was the last object you fell in love with? A Marlota long virgin wool and cashmere black coat I found at my best friend’s store in Madrid. Store 44 specialises in unisex fashion. I know it will be with me for many winters to come. – Patsy

Your favourite city? Cape Town. Its beauty lies in the contrast between the ocean and the mountain, and in the middle of these you find a developing city with so much to offer.

The last place you travelled to that captured your heart? I recently visited Lake Como and fell in love instantly This place is truly magical and the gardens at Villa d’Este are like a piece of heaven. – Rizqah

What books can we find on your bedside table? I am reading a very interesting book about how to teach and practise mindfulness with your kids from a very young age. My next book is definitely going to be Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight. – Patsy

The last meal that really blew you away? We were walking just outside the old town in Marbella a couple of months ago and found this tiny Peruvian family restaurant. We had the best ceviche of our lives. It tasted like magic. – Rizqah

Which musician really appeals to you at the moment? I currently have Anderson Paak and French Kiwi Juice on repeat. I also love watching the YouTube channel Colours: this is a great place to discover new artists. – Rizqah

What’s next on your list of must-have items? An Esther Mahlangu piece. We recently fell in love with one of her artworks at the Robert Sherwood store on Bree Street. You just have to have one: she is the Dali of Africa. – Patsy.

What is the one item you’ll always find in your fridge? Baby spinach. It’s so good for you, whether cooked or raw. – Both

The best gift you’ve been given recently? We both got Pilates socks from our friend Malieka. We never knew socks could be this fabulous. – Rizqah

A gift that you’ve recently bought for someone? I bought a cowrie-shell choker in Bali for Rizqah this June: a man made it for me right on the beach. Our next collection, Amanzi, is inspired by the ocean, and we used this beautiful shell to decorate some of the styles. – Patsy

What place inspires and rejuvenates you? The beach. I can look at the sea for hours and hours. The sand, the water on my feet, the sound of the waves — nothing rejuvenates me more. – Patsy

A place that’s recently caught your attention? We recently stumbled across The Wing, a private women’s club based in the US. It’s a space where women can go to work, socialise, learn and seek shelter from the chaos of their daily professional lives. We need one in Cape Town: imagine a place where you can get a blow out, express some milk and have a meeting. We are both working mums, which is why we love this concept so much. – Both

What was the last item of clothing that you added to your wardrobe? We both got dresses from Nadya Von Stein, the very talented clothing designer at Pichulik. She has a genius understanding of construction and edits her collections beautifully. – Both

Your favourite city? Cape Town, of course. It’s not too big or too small, one can move around very easily, and it is always changing for the better. Its beauty lies in the contrast between the ocean and the mountain, and in the middle of these you find a developing city with so much to offer. – Both

- From the October 2018 edition of Wanted.

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