Lin Glass indulges in snuggles with her dogs
Lin Glass indulges in snuggles with her dogs
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The one indulgence you would never forgo? My early morning time: to be still and read, with the dogs snuggling on the bed.

What are your essential lotions and potions? Soleil Tan de Chanel, a sheer illuminating fluid.

What could you never do without in your bathroom cabinet? Jo Malone soap and body wash.

Which tech gadget couldn’t you live without? The Audible Books app on my iPhone and my Wireless Powerbeats headphones.

What is your most sentimental object? My wedding ring, a Cartier platinum band.

What is your preferred drink? Spanish pink strawberry gin, and, on the healthy side, lemon grass, ginger, honey, and lemon-infused tea.

When you eat out, where do you go? I go to my regulars, based on favourite dishes.

Which element of your wardrobe signifies your style? My signature outfit from the age of 18 (a very long time ago!): jeans and a white T-shirt and then one item, only one that takes it up one level. For example, earrings, a pair of Chanel pumps, or a bag; however, only one item.

Which was the last object you fell in love with? A linen wrap from Nap in Bryanston. It’s soft and can fold up and go into my bag for those moments when snugness is essential.

Glass' favourite city in the world, London
Glass' favourite city in the world, London
Image: Supplied

A watch brand you love? Cartier. I love classic styles and absolutely love my Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch.

The last place you travelled to that captured your heart? Cuba. It is frozen in time and filled with history. I stayed at the Nacional Hotel and did a tour of Havana in a pink convertible. I drank daiquiris at El Floritida one of the favourite hangouts of Ernest Hemingway. I would go back and stop off once again at Key West, party late into the night in Duval Street, and stay at the Four Seasons on my way home.

Which books can we find on your bedside table? I do not read one book at a time, I have a few going: The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey, Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, The Far Pavilions by MM Kaye (Audible Book), and The Little book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking.

Do you remember the last meal that really blew you away? Camphors at Vergelegen wine estate. This modern South African restaurant is already ranked as one of the country’s best. The incredibly creative cuisine features the diversity of our local produce, and offers the option of pairing the estate’s wines with each course. The setting — overlooking the expansive gardens — is an added bonus.

Which musician really appeals to you at the moment? I download music from Apple Music and Spotify. My style ranges from Amy Winehouse to Sadao Watanabe to Maria Callas.

What’s next on your list of must-have items? A vintage Cartier Tank 925 watch. It’s a collector’s item.

What is the first thing you add to your grocery cart and the one item you’ll always find in your fridge? I always buy eggs, Brie, and water biscuits. My fridge is the first thing that everyone opens when they walk into the house: it’s full of drumsticks, samosas, grapes, cheese, and always something sweet, such as tiny little koeksisters or tiny scones with raspberry jam from Fortnum & Mason, and Jenny’s Clotted Cream from Jacksons.

The best gift you’ve been given recently? My sister in-law and I give each other a yearly birthday (we’re two days apart) gift voucher that keeps our subscriptions to all reading material going until the next birthday. I love it!

A gift you’ve recently bought for someone? I had a copy made of a pair of earrings that I bought 38 years ago at a little jewellery shop on the Piazza Merchanti in Milan for my daughter, Megan. And I bought a vintage Montblanc ballpoint pen for my son, Michael.

Which place inspires and rejuvenates you? Walking over the threshold of my home: it has a special and underlying quality of familiarity.

An attraction that’s recently caught your attention? I’m blown away by The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. It is the largest museum of contemporary African art in the world.

What was the last item of clothing you added to your wardrobe? An antique Atlas World War I silver Red Cross Nurse’s watch. I bought it at the antique market on Portobello Road, London.

Your favourite city in the world? London. As Samuel Johnson said: “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

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