Samsung Frame TV.
Samsung Frame TV.
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If you’re a collector of digital art and you’re the owner of a Samsung The Frame TV, then this is for you. The Frame, which is designed to resemble a real artwork when not in use, is now at the centre of a new partnership aimed at making NFTs more accessible. You can buy NFTs via your smartphone or the QR codes next to digital artworks on the Samsung NFT platform in the TV Apps menu. Once you’ve bought your NFT you can display it at full size on your TV.

“This technology could have a significant impact on the art industry by providing new avenues for individuals to access and engage with art,” says Cristina Alovisetti, general manager of Museo Nacional Del Prado Difusion (the Prado Museum’s commercial incarnation).

While The Frame isn’t the only Samsung digital-display technology used for digital artwork — it also showed contemporary artist Park Seo-Bo’s “Écriture” series on The Wall All-in-One 4K screen at New York’s Rockefeller Center — it is the most personal.

From R9 999 (The Frame TV).

• From the September edition of Wanted, 2023.

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