Canon PowerShot V10.
Canon PowerShot V10.
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As more people create content, whether for themselves or to share, camera manufacturers have realised there’s a huge segment of the market waiting for a purpose-built product. Canon has responded to this need by creating the PowerShot V10. It looks like no camera you’ve ever seen and in a weird way makes me think of Gru’s Minions in Despicable Me.

Able to record 4K video footage via the camera lens that faces you, the V10 weighs a mere 211g and can fit into your pocket. It has a sizeable 1-inch CMOS sensor, two large micro-phones to capture audio, and a built-in stand, and it’s able to change its aspect ratio automatically based on how you position it. You’re also able to take still images and it can act as a web-cam without the need to install any additional drivers. There’s a camera app to share footage to social media and HDMI out-put.

Recommended retail prices R9 699 (standard kit) and R11 999 (advanced kit).

 From the July edition of Wanted, 2023.

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