Goodleaf Renew Revitalising Exfoliator Cosmo Organic Certified.
Goodleaf Renew Revitalising Exfoliator Cosmo Organic Certified.
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Slather stress away with Goodleaf’s fully certified, locally formulated, anti-stress skincare range made to treat the effects of high levels of stress and the over-production of cortisol on the skin.

With luxurious “a-little-goes-a-long-way” textures, the 12-piece range combines CBD, devil’s claw, and hemp seed, and is scented with Exhale, an essential-oil blend of clary sage, petitgrain, patchouli, and rose geranium.

“We’ve been conditioned to understand the impact of stress on many parts of our life except on our skin. Previously, we also haven’t had formulas available that address this challenge. This range is our solution which we feel fills a much-needed gap in the skincare market,” says Marketing Head at Goodleaf, Cathy Wynn.

“We studied the connection between cortisol levels and what it does to our skin and designed Goodleaf Anti-Stress Skincare to specifically target this problem.”

Goodleaf Glow Soothing Face Oil 30ml, R395; Goodleaf Rise Hydrating Day Moisturiser 50ml, R345; Goodleaf Revive Purifying Face Cleanser 300ml, R295. 

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