Expect the current Range Rover Evoque to be replaced in the second half of 2018
Expect the current Range Rover Evoque to be replaced in the second half of 2018
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It’s all going on at Jaguar Land Rover. You can read our interview with Jaguar’s design boss elsewhere in this issue, but it is changes going on at Land Rover that are attracting the most interest.

The big news is that as sport utility vehicle (SUV) sales continue to increase, Land Rover is taking a leaf out of Jaguar’s book and moving into the car market. We know — it makes no sense to us either.

The company is planning to launch a model called the Road Rover. It all sounds a little odd, but then Jaguar is making more SUVs than sedans these days and most Land Rovers, or more accurately perhaps Range Rovers, never leave the black stuff. We assume someone has thought this whole thing through — and when we see them, we will be sure to ask.

Still with Land Rover, and more details are emerging of the next-generation Evoque. The new model is expected to debut in the second half of 2018 but it is unclear whether it will have a brand-new platform. It is possible it could sit on the same platform as Jaguar’s upcoming new E-Pace, but our sources have confirmed the new Evoque will have a wider track, although its wheelbase seems likely to stay the same. Expect a longer rear though, mainly to provide more boot space and make the Evoque a little more practical.

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