Adam Court.
Adam Court.
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What is your ultimate luxury?

Freedom of self-expression.

What are your essential grooming products?

Exercise and mountain air.

Favourite scent?

Crystal Saffron by Matiere Premiere. It’s deeply layered, it mutates, and it holds space.

What aspect of a building attracts your eye first?

Dynamic form, a strong and defined silhouette, its shape outlined against the sky.

What is your all-time favourite place to eat out? What do you order?

Give me a simple, traditional trattoria in the cobbled hilltops of Tuscany or on the Sardinian coast and an equally simple dish of porcini ravioli or spaghetti aglio e olio, with barrels of Barolo.

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What would your dream buy be?

A John Lautner or Richard Neutra house perched high up on the rocks and overlooking the Mediterranean on a fragrant, idyllic Greek isle where family and close friends would gather.

Your all-time favourite clothing brand?

Yohji Yamamoto.

Yohji Yamamoto.
Yohji Yamamoto.
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And what are you listening to?

My music taste is hugely varied and I swing from one thing to another; I need music, it’s a vital element in my life. Currently, I’m playing a lot of Toshinori Kondo — wild, explorative, cosmic, free-form jazz.

The designer you’ve got your eye on?

I’ve got my eye on myself, watching where this guy is going and what is manifesting from the shadows. I feel as though I’m just getting started.

Your favourite way to spend a Sunday morning?

In bed, up close and warm with my girlfriend.

Okha Clash table.
Okha Clash table.
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What is special about the Okha Clash table?

It vibrates character and presence without being ostentatious or brash. It’s subtle and yet powerful, a multi-layered and very personal work. It merges many of my personal experiences and travels and as such has an authentic voice. It’s a very special piece for me. Plus, it is cast in solid bronze — a new process and material for me — and the learning journey with Bronze Age was a total joy.

Your favourite room in the house?

The library: books and books, words, thoughts, and solitude.

Your design icon, and why?

Vincenzo De Cotiis. He never stops exploring and searching, he’s a master of materiality and form, often unpredictable. I love and respect bravery and courage in any artist. His interiors are seductive and timeless as well as progressive, as are his furniture pieces. I must also mention Raphael Navot — I greatly admire his work, elegance, and range — as well as Gio Ponti and Carlo Scarpa.

Crystal Saffron by Matiere Premiere.
Crystal Saffron by Matiere Premiere.
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Are you a collector of anything?

Experiences, memories, music, and books. They all feed me and my work.

What makes you happiest?

Travel and all of the above.

Minimalism or maximalism?

Minimalism. Quiet waters run deep — this, more often than not, applies to minimalist design. What we first see is often just the surface layer of a process, concept, and ideology that run far deeper.

The last travel destination that knocked your socks off?

Sri Lanka, beautiful, beguiling, raw, honest, scented, and sacred. Incredible cuisine too.


Red wine.
Red wine.
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What would one never find in your fridge?

Salad cream and animal parts.

A great gift you were given recently?

A poem and a song from some-one very special to me.

What inspires your work?

Memories, explorations both inwards and outwards. What is essential is hunger and the desire to keep looking, feeling, searching, and ultimately creating which, for me, is becoming more and more an essential form of self-expression, and authentic self-expression is fundamental to one’s existence.

The one indulgence you would never forgo?

Red wine, reiki, and reflexology (three into one).

• From the July edition of Wanted, 2023.

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