Yasmin Furmie.
Yasmin Furmie.
Image: Steve Tanchel for Wanted.

ON FEMININITY | Yasmin Furmie, she/her, 59.

“People may look at me and think that I’m not feminine in the traditional sense of the word, that I don’t perform the sort of stereotypical role of femininity — being demure, having long hair, almost being invisible — especially at my age. I’m outspoken, I’m loud, I’m in your face, I take up space, and perhaps those are not the sort of things that people think of in terms of a very feminine woman.

I don’t look feminine, in terms of the way I dress. My look can be very masculine at times, so for me it’s just showing my confidence and my comfort with who I am and not necessarily trying to… be one or the other or both, and not performing for society and what I’m supposed to be.”

Earrings and pendants: model’s own. Adidas X Gucci jumpsuit: R49 3OO. Gucci. Ana Srdic rings: R3 9OO-R5 2OO, all Thats It.

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