Rochas Paris Girl EDT 100ml.
Rochas Paris Girl EDT 100ml.
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Let’s be honest — we’ve made a pretty big mess of the planet, so it’s nice to know that the new scent from Rochas has sustainability top of mind. Feel good knowing that you’re doing good with every spritz of the clean, fresh, floral scent of Rochas Girl, which is like activism in a bottle with its strong messaging of girl power and environmental responsibility. This trailblazing vegan fragrance has sustainability credentials that would please even Greta Thunberg, with notes of neroli, Arabian jasmine, and cedar. The brand’s powerful commitment to sustainability is undeniable, with a juice made of 90% natural-origin ingredients, all of which are traceable and responsibly sourced; the use of 99.9% natural beetroot alcohol; organic-ink printing; and a bottle made of 40% recycled glass and topped with a cap crafted from 39.36% recycled plastic.

Rochas Paris Girl EDT 100ml, R1 399 

 From the February edition of Wanted, 2022.

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