Designer Adam Hoets with his Elongated Faraway Tree
Designer Adam Hoets with his Elongated Faraway Tree
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Working with ball chain is such an original idea. What inspired it? I was playing around with the material when it occurred to me that it could potentially make a beautiful curtain or lamp shade.

After much trial and error, I designed a solution that would work for lighting and I patented it.

I have developed a large collection of extremely diverse designs over the years based on this one simple idea.

Are you going to stay with lighting or are there other designs you'd like to move into? In time, perhaps. Many artists develop a technique, method or set of materials which they master over many years before moving onto something new.

This is my method and these are my materials and I still have a way to go before I feel I've exhausted the creative potential of this medium.

What is the most ambitious project you've worked on? We once made four massive three-ton mandala clusters in the foyer of a 6-star hotel in Australia.

Who would you love to own one of your products? Anyone who really appreciates and understands its beauty and feels inspired by it.

'Windchimes' designed by Adam Hoets
'Windchimes' designed by Adam Hoets
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Why should we buy one of your products? You are investing in an authentic work of art and design which will always remain exclusive and iconic. Our products will never be mass produced and they contain timeless beauty.

Good design is... Inspirational. It elevates us to a higher realm.

South African designers you admire? Silvio Rech and Gawie Fagan.

If there was one item you could buy right now for your home, what would it be? A chandelier by German designer Ingo Maurer - either Porca Misera (a porcelain shards chandelier) or his 'oh Mei Ma Kabir Suspension lamp' - though I'd need a larger home for it!

A design tip for our readers? Space is rendered by light, so light should be your primary concern in creating the subtle life and drama within a space. Even an average space can be transformed into something soulful through the use of light. Conversely though, even a magnificent space can be made sterile and dead if lighting is not properly considered.


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