A home outside of London will soon come to life with the installation of Willowlamp Founder and Designer Adam Hoets’ Enchanted Forest. As fans of Willowlamp will know, the brand’s signature ball chain chandeliers defied convention from the get go… now, 12 years later the very same concept is at the heart of some of the world’s most jaw-dropping decorative lighting installations.

The homeowner’s were introduced to Willowlamp’s work via Rene Dekker Interiors and were after a showstopper of a lighting system: one for their dining table and one for their lounge. Having seen Adam’s Faraway Tree, where an intricate laser cut steel branch system suspends a canopy of ball chains, they were keen to follow suit… but on a much larger scale.

The result is a spectacular set of chandeliers called The Enchanted Forest, the biggest of which will hang in the homeowner’s lounge, and is estimated to weigh a staggering 800kg’s and cover an area of 6 by 3 meters. The branches of the tree hang at different levels and are subtly lit by way of an invisible light source programmed to adjust the level of light accordingly. The invisible lights (G4 LED’s) are flush mounted above the tree branches and serve to subtly up-light the canopy without the obvious glare of a visible bulb.

That the installation references a tree is no surprise for a brand who takes its cues from the nature, landscape and culture of Africa. “Even the design methodology and intellectual thought processes incorporated in the design are born out of the unique African paradigm, which is a veritable stewing pot of clashing cultures, ideas and worlds colliding,” says Adam.

While the brand still produces the simpler and smaller ball chain chandeliers that started it all they have been pushing the envelope with installations such as this one, the most recent of which was a monumental installation of four 3 tonne chandeliers for Crown Towers Hotel in Perth, Australia.

Asked what decorative lighting installations like The Enchanted Forest bring to a space, Adam says: “A work of this scale has the potential to transform a space into an immersive, magical, other-worldly experience. Having said that, any carefully considered lighting installation adds magic and drama to a space and breathes life, it doesn’t even have to be something this dramatic.”

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