Mizetto's elegant Bin There mobile waste containers
Mizetto's elegant Bin There mobile waste containers
Image: Addi Photo / Jonas Lindstrom

Decorex Africa has announced an open call to SA designers to further entrench sustainability through design. Under the 2024 theme “Designing for Impact”, they challenge local talent to create recycling bins that are functional and visually attractive.

In a changing environment and an unpredictable climate, the world is in need of sustainable solutions. Decorex Africa’s design commission is an opportunity to create something that transcends mere utility into a product that changes behaviour, and makes recycling an effortless and integrated part of daily life.

“As we stand at a crossroads where creative talents can significantly impact the future of the planet, it’s time to channel ingenuity beyond the realms of conventional home furnishings — beyond another chair, couch or sideboard — towards a cause that can alter the course of environmental conservation in SA: a simple recycling bin,” said Decorex Africa’s executive creative director Bielle Bellingham. 

Top designs will be showcased at Decorex Cape Town and Joburg, giving exposure and potential business opportunities to the creators.

The deadline for proposals is April 1. 

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