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As in past years, Baselworld brings together the watch and jewellery industry’s top players under one roof. Five of the six highest-revenue Swiss watch companies celebrate the global premieres of their latest products here. Similarly, jewellery and gemstone companies present their new collections and rarities to the public for the first time.

For the next six days, some of the most beautiful luxury brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and Bulgari, will unveil a new cycle of trends that will capture the world’s attention in 2018. Between 600 and 700 exhibitors are expected at this year’s show, which is also open to the public.

For watch buyers and the media, Baselworld is the essential launch of the year’s watch and jewellery trend cycle and the event sets the tone for the year ahead.

Baselworld - The Premiere Show

Jean-Claude Biver, head of the watch division at LVMH which owns Tag Heuer, Hublot and Zenith commented on the importance of the Basel gathering: “The more we network with one another digitally, the more important eye contact and personal contact become. That is what gives meaning and importance to events such as Baselworld.”

This year LVMH will unveil three premieres at Baselworld: Zenith’s Defy Inventor, Hublot’s Ferrari Techframe and TAG Heuer’s Grand Carrera 2018.

Exclusive Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, Chopard, has been part of Baselworld for many years.

Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrih Scheufele says that as a family business, Chopard found Baselworld an essential part of the annual rhythm of business.

“Along with the evolution of the fair, our house too has undergone changes. Nowadays we unite all crafts of the jewellery and watch industry under one roof. Chopard is not only an integrated watch manufacture, we have also mastered the complete process of jewellery manufacturing – from smelting the gold alloys, through the goldsmith’s work, to the gemstone setting.

“This versatility results from our constant striving toward greater vertical integration, independence and in-house expertise. This is our philosophy, with which we feel very well represented as a family business at Baselworld,” Scheufele said.

One of the most enjoyable elements of Baselworld is its ability to bring together the industry’s finest minds

Francois Graff, CEO of Graff Jewellers, said much preparation went into their attendance at Baselworld.

“Beginning in our design studio and at Graff Luxury Watches in Switzerland, where the initial concepts are developed for the pieces that we will present, a lengthy collaborative process then ensues, ensuring that the timepieces we unveil are a pure distillation of our brand – they must epitomise horological ingenuity, impeccable diamond setting and creative flair. We remain a family business, and each member of the Graff team applies their knowledge, skill and passion to ensure that we present the world’s most fabulous jewels and watches.”

He said Baselworld brought together the finest luxury brands of the very highest calibre, and gives Graff the opportunity to develop the expansion of its business on a global level.

“One of the most enjoyable elements of Baselworld is its ability to bring together the industry’s finest minds – you never know who you might bump into while exploring the stands of other prominent brands. This creates a fascinating melting pot of ideas, opinions and innovation – a truly inspiring environment,” said Graff.

Baselworld runs from March 22nd - March 27th.

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