Unique, love-forever jewellery is not easy to come by. But if you’re looking to invest in a few new eye-catching pieces, then you need look no further than Instagram. We’ve done the browsing and here are six South African designers that have our feed satisfyingly colourful with plenty of statement accessories.


Whether you’re a magpie for colourful stones, or eye-catching geometric shapes, Kirsten Goss’s latest collection ‘Vay-Kay’ will have you salivating this summer. Be seduced by pieces like ‘room service’, ‘do not distrub’, and ‘sex on the beach’ – apparently, all inspired by Kirsten’s upcoming trip to Banyan Tree in the Seychelles this December.

Style Notes: Luxe spun golds mixed with vibrant rich gemstones will only add to your post-beach glow. Swoosh your hair up and show them off.


You may know Ambra Gambale from her 2013 ‘Skullchemy’ collection of strikingly unusual bronzed and silver animal skulls? Now she’s adding jewellery to her already-feathered cap with a collection that undoubtedly boasts a curious undercurrent of magic realism with recurring themes combining motifs from nature – think labyrinths, dragonfly wings and hexagons. ‘Much of my work is inspired by dreams, sometimes they inspire a theme and sometimes a specific piece of jewellery,’ says Gambale, ‘I also draw on literature… often a sentence of even a word evokes a feeling, which is then transcribed into a piece.’

Style Notes: Standout gold and ebony rings feature lustrous rose gold, offset by sealed ebony wood, are easy to wear alone. As is the necklace, designed to either accommodate a number of charms or to be worn as is, making the diamond-encrusted clasp pendant, the piece’s focal point.


Zoja (pronounced Zoi-yah) means life. And that’s just what this jewellery is designed to represent – an on-going story that recalls people, memories and places. Every piece in the collection has been designed to express a part of the journey that South African-Serbian designer, Zoja Mihic credits to ‘discovery, curiosity and colour. We create unpredicatable and arresting pieces inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of the world we continually explore.’

Style Notes: These unique pieces stand well on their own but also work wonderfully together when layered. Find the shapes, stones and colours that resonate with you and let them be part of your next journey.


On the back of a few already successful collaborations – Maison Mara, AKJP and Jackie Burger to name a few – Pichulik has the fashion world abuzz thanks to the label’s latest partnership with Weylandts. It was Weylandts’ ‘design DNA, and their use of metallics, contemporary African lines and textures’ evocative of the South African landscape, that inspired the collections, says designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik. The collection consists of six neckpieces and five bracelets. Each piece will be exclusively made to order. 

Style Notes: This collection moves away from the bright colours we’re used to from Pichulik but it echoes the designer’s new summer ‘Harvest’ range with a more neutral palette. Try the neckpieces that double up as high-collar chockers or as long pendants.


African design meets Indian elements with Katy Valentine Collections. All of her beads are antique trading beads from West Africa, while her gemstones are sourced from Jaipur in India. Simple brass and sterling silver lines are used to really keep the stones as the draw-factor. ‘Having grown up in a home where both of my parents were artefact traders, collectors and avid adventurers, this has always stood me in good stead while pursuing my passion for jewellery design,’ says Valentine.

Style Notes: Wear these pieces every day, know that every ring, bracelet or set of earrings represents a story of blended cultures. 


It’s her eclectic way of combining retro glamour with modern sophistication, that makes Beryl Dingemans’ pieces stand-out. The new collection of luxury jewellery is proudly made in South Africa from ethically produced metals and precious stones. The strong African design element creates unique pieces that are distinct to Dingemans’ aesthetic.

Style Notes: Who said you shouldn’t wear jewellery to the beach? Beryl Dingemans jewellery was a firm favourite across the latest World Swimsuit shoots in Mauritius – even our own Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters completed her toned-tummy bikini look with Dingemans’ wrap bracelets!  

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