Get the most out of your brow shape with minimal effort
Get the most out of your brow shape with minimal effort
Image: Aleksandra Kossowska / 123RF

DON’T shave or over-pluck your brows.

Super thin brows drawn back on harshly with a brow pencil may have been all the rage in the 1920s but now, brows that look natural and full have become the new source of brow envy.  Fuller brows give the face a more youthful appearance and help to frame the face.   Ask your brow technician to only neaten up the stray hairs outside your natural shape when shaping the brow and leave the rest of your brow’s width and length as is.

DON’T use a black kohl pencil to fill in your brow.

Even though you may have black hair, it still appears too dark and harsh on the face. Always go for a medium brown pencil to fill in gaps and give illusion of fuller brows without them looking theatrical.

DON’T follow a trend, follow your shape.

Always keep the shape of your brow natural. You want to fill in only along the natural shape and arch of the brow. Using an eye pencil as a guide; your brow should start in line with the edge of your nose and inner corner of the eye. The brow should slightly arch just above the centre of the iris and end at the point diagonal to the outer corner to the eye

DO experiment with a straight boy brow.

Through we are against conforming to every passing brow trend, we do condone one brow shape to be tried just once.   Korea has birthed many beauty trends over the past few years and now trading in your inquisitively arched brow for a more straighten brow is a shape that surprisingly looks good on most faces.  They give an androgynous and youthful look to the face.  This brow is also easier to achieve than an arched brow, especially if you don’t have a naturally defined arch or if your brows are sparse.

DO fill your brow but not too much.

Filling your brows with a brow powder or fine brow pencil is the best way to achieve a full brow that does not look stuck on.  Most brows championed by Instagram or Youtube use a brow gel evenly applied throughout the brow with an angled brush to create meticulously clean lines along a flat and weighted brow.  Use a waxy pencil or brow powder to fill in sparse areas of the brow.  Brush up the hairs to create lift and work the product into the hairs from the bottom of the brow.  Use a spoolie to fade out the colour and bring some texture back to the brow.

DO thread instead of waxing.

We love a little bushiness and some unruly hairs with our brows but if you don’t; opt for threading your unwanted hairs rather than waxing.  Threading allows the brow technician to be more precise when creating your ideal shape and the hair grows back slower with every session.  Waxing is more painful and can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes, especially on sensitive skin types.  There also isn’t the option of gradually removing and shaping the hair until you’re happy.


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