If an eyebrow kit or brow pencil is not cutting it, why not consider microblading? What is that, you ask? Misha Coetzee, founder of the Brandslut blog, has recently launched The Browery, a microblading studio in Illovo, Johannesburg. She gives us insight into this reasonably pain-free procedure.

Image: @thebrowerysa

What is it?
Semi-permanent makeup where colour pigment is implanted beneath the skin using very small, disposable needles, mimicking the look of realistic eyebrow strokes. It’s not painful, although we do apply a series of two topical anaesthetic gels on the area — 20 minutes before we start and during the actual microblading.

How long does it last?
An appointment takes two hours, and a touch-up is scheduled six weeks after the appointment, with results lasting between 12 and 18 months.

The results?
It is a real alternative to an eyebrow tattoo and results are natural — brows frame the face and open the eye area. Overplucked brows aside, microblading is also great for clients with uneven brows, patchy brows, alopecia, gaps and scars. The best part is that it’s non-committal and clients don’t need to worry about making a decision that will affect their lives for 20 years, as the effects naturally fade after about 18 months and a top-up can then be decided upon.

How much?
R2 450 for a session.

Image: @thebrowerysa


Do your homework and choose an artist wisely.  Microblading is not just about being able to perform a technique; it’s about understanding facial structure and symmetry, pigments, skin undertones, hair strokes, and a number of other factors.

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