Benjamin J.P. Henecka
Benjamin J.P. Henecka
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When did Rendezvous start? We started six years ago with a small exhibition in Johannesburg with only five brands. Nala Swiss is a pioneer exhibition firm that owns and manages the Rendezvous platform with offices in London, Zurich and Johannesburg. 

When does the winter Rendezvous in Johannesburg take place? On 24th June 2017.

What inspired the launch of a “by invitation only” luxury exhibition? It’s hard to believe, but there are more US dollar-millionaires in Africa than there are in Russia. Most of these people are well travelled and have very discerning taste. While they have access to mass-market luxury brands, many of the most exclusive ones are still only available overseas. Rendezvous brings these premium brands and services to the high net worth individuals in Africa.

In which countries do you host the event? We very much focus on the sub-Saharan, African boom regions, with our flagship editions taking place in South Africa and Nigeria. Smaller editions take place in Kenya and Angola. Outside of Africa, we host Rendezvous in London and Dubai.

What is the mix of the exhibitors at Rendezvous and what type of experience can guests expect? Our platform is a unique fusion of an interactive exhibition and a temporary pop-up shopping experience. We have exhibitors from luxury sectors such as automotive, fashion, jewellery, fragrance and spirits, as well as more unexpected services, such as a health concierge or services facilitating global citizenship and meaningful, money-can’t-buy experiences.

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Some people are not fans of busy exhibitions where they have to fight the crowds. Rendezvous is an invitation-only event that offers a unique, discreet and private environment to do your shopping. A successful application for an invitation allows our guests to experience craft and luxury through a journey of discovery, where the full context in which these items were made is presented. It also offers an opportunity to experience the products close-up and make an informed purchase. We invest a lot of effort and time into understanding our ultra-high net-worth guests and use this to connect them with a carefully curated range of luxury offerings. 

How is Wanted magazine involved? We are delighted to be offering the readers of Wanted an opportunity to apply to attend this exclusive event by sending their request to 

What is the one item that every person who visits this year’s event will fall in love with? I would say the one item every guest falls in love with is our bespoke perfume. This Parisian brand brings back the traditional craft of making perfume, and is very much under the radar.

What is the one you covet most of all? Personally, I love watches, and I am thrilled that we will be featuring Danish heritage watchmakers Urban Jürgensen at the Winter Rendezvous in Johannesburg. 

If you would like to attend Rendezvous on 24th June 2017, send an email to 

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