What is the one fashion item you will buying this winter? A Laduma shawl.

What is the one fashion item you will be making for yourself this winter? The easy-wear emerald velvet Opera Coat.

What will you be cooking this winter? Lots of delicious stews.

Where will you be going for a winter getaway? The Stellenbosch Hydro and Malindi in Kenya to visit some friends.

Which restaurant do you go for a winter dinner? I go to Societi Bistro not just because they’ve named dish after me, but because they do the best risotto in town.  

And in the country? For award-winning food and wine with the best view of Table Mountain, I love De Grendel Restaurant.


What is the one fashion item you will buying this winter? More fur slides (Birkenstocks or similar shoes combined with fur). I don’t buy clothes.

What is the one fashion item you will be making for yourself this winter? Baggy pyjama pants in velvet or soft satin.

What will you be cooking this winter? Interesting hearty soups.

Where will you be going for a winter getaway? Venice to experience a bit of European summer and to see the Venice Biennale in June.

Which restaurant do you go to for a cosy winter dinner? I love rich home made ravioli with lots of sauce…either Italian sausage, artichoke, rabbit or truffle with rabbiola. I also love chicory and radiccio salads that are only ever available in winter. Regretably Stelle in Parkview is currently closed, so if anybody knows where and when they are going to re-open, I will be most grateful!


What is the theme of your AW17 SA Fashion Week collection? Simple, carefree, understated beauty.

What is your ultimate item that you will be wearing this winter? My Heart & Heritage Sunday Jeans.

Who would you love to dress? Natalie Portman.

What’s your favourite thing about SA Fashion Week? Connecting with my audience after the show. 

What track did you use for your latest runway show music and why? "I’ve Got The World On A String by Louis Armstrong”  A light-hearted song to make people smile. 


What fashion word are you obsessed with using this winter? Chartreuse (the featured colour in my new collection and an awesome song by Louis Jordan).

What is on your fashion bucket list this winter? To take over the (fashion) world, Pinky.

What has been your best fashion moment? Blac Chyna wearing my garment.

What is your favourite look from your collection? This is difficult, it is like asking which is your favourite child! If you put so much effort into it you love and hate all the looks. The ‘playful bushman’ fringe beading look.

If you could choose someone to be in the fashion industry who would it be?Illustrator Andel Olivier.

Image: planetivan


Tell us the inspiration behind your collection at SA Fashion Week AW17? Seeking refuge in the wild.

What’s your must have fashion item that you want to buy this winter? An uncomfortably oversized bomber jacket.

What is your ultimate fashion faux pas? Being literal.

What scares you the most in the fashion industry/fashion week? A model’s heel breaking mid-walk.

What is a fashion trend that you’re loving this winter? Fraying clothes as seen at menswear designer Tsepo Tsotetsi.

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