Minimal, elegant, and refined are three words best associated with Cape Town-born luxury leather brand Research Unit. You may recognise the brand’s utilitarian designs, such as the canvas-and-leather scout pack, with its detachable notebook inner; simple, slick wallets; and textured ostrich-skin card holders, all stocked at the store in the V&A Watershed. Founders Chad and Erin-Lee Petersen sum up the philosophy of the brand: “We believe that genuine luxury is inclusive, innovative, timeless, (and) personal.”

Research Unit was founded in 2011, and now, to celebrate the increased recognition of the brand, LA-based Australian actor Nic Bishop has been appointed as a brand ambassador.

He first discovered the brand while filming in Cape Town, and since then has become friends with Erin-Lee. Bishop says on the collaboration: “I first encountered Research Unit while I was filming in Cape Town in 2015, and ever since that visit to their store, I have been fascinated with this brand. Everything from the phenomenal quality of the product and the craftsmanship, to the experience of purchasing my first hand-stitched piece, so carefully engineered. (The) products are stylish, progressive, and truly unique. I am thrilled to be associated with a brand so in tune with modern day excellence.”

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