Dorothy Amuah is a strategic luxury consultant as well as the founder and CEO of Her Luxury Materials (HLM). Holding an MBA, luxury specialisation, from the International University of Monaco, she has worked in public relations for 
various fashion and luxury brands including Gucci, Verve Clicquot and KISUA.

Dorothy Amuah
Dorothy Amuah
Image: Annalize Nel

“I have a love affair with books and travel. Ironically, these two things are how I fell into luxury management, and with the idea of being able to create beautiful stories and experiences,” says Amuah. As a point of reference for luxury brands on the continent, she describes her initial decision to study a degree in luxury management as an anomaly. “I knew I had an attraction to the mindset that comes with beautiful and distinctive brands and services.”

Amuah found that she could not articulate certain ideas, for example, what makes a luxury brand and what the business path behind a luxury offering means from an academic perspective – hence her decision to pursue her studies at the International University of Monaco, which reinforced her passion for the market. Currently her experience spans various countries, where she has managed teams and led regional and local marketing and communications campaigns for some distinctive brands. 

The clear objective of HLM is to build a world-class agency on the African continent, focusing on premium lifestyle brands. HLM also seeks out interesting companies from around the world that haven’t looked at the African continent as a potential location for their brand. 

HLM has entered into a few joint ventures, including launching the children’s wear brand Sergent Major at the Mall of Africa, which Amuah did with business partner Brice Mensah, as well as a bottling and beverage plant in Accra, Ghana, planned for November. She describes her style as a constant evolution. For her daily style she prefers something playful and effortless – “I run around so much with work that I aim for comfort.” For evening, she loves experimenting with different textured looks.


Top from Zara, skirt by Bello Edu and shoes by Christian Louboutin.


Your role models? Overall, it’s definitely my parents, who have imparted a lot of wisdom and advice to me (though I am only now taking it into consideration 
and implementing it). Their ability to run a business hands-on and manage it as if it were a three-person company, was hugely inspiring.

Your favourite books? The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Your favourite city and why? Algiers, Algeria, would have to be up there on my list. Growing up, I had a fascination with French philosopher Albert Camus. Being able to live in Algeria for two months was by far the most impactful experience I have encountered from a travel 

What are your top beauty products? Novexpert Express Radiant Cleansing Foam, Uriage (Eau Thermale) Cold Cream and coconut oil. A style tip? The key to finding your authentic style is wearing outfits that accentuate and flaunt your best features. Whether you have killer legs or a tiny waist, showing off your favorite body parts with pieces designed to celebrate them makes a huge difference. Your secret to success? Perseverance and hard work should be the foundation for any success story.

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