When a local designer makes international waves, it’s time to take notice.
Enter Adrian Furstenburg, who recently won the All about the Logo by Guess
Handbags award at the 10th Independent Handbag Design Awards in New York. Wanted caught up with the designer to discuss his win.

Adrian Furstenburg
Adrian Furstenburg
Image: Marguerite Oelofse

On what makes a beautiful handbag… A handbag is much more than just a fashion accessory; it is a collection of quality sourced materials: leather,
hardware, closing mechanisms, all coming together in a well-designed item. To me that is where  the beauty lies… in great design, attention to detail, and functionality. Another thing: the true beauty to me is on the inside. Strong lining and  well-thought-out pockets and compartments.
A place for everything.

On understanding what women want… I believe that I understand women a whole lot better than many people. I started and still focus on bespoke pieces, therefore, I do not only create a desirable handbag — but I really focus on what women (and men) want and need.

On winning the Guess award… It was truly a moment of glory for me. Years of hard word, making mistakes, learning from them, keeping at it, and focusing on
what I truly want and who I truly am came together in one night.

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