At first glance it has all the signs of a secret agent’s lair, sans Q milling about or a DB11 being readied for the field. There is a clinical Wulf Chip Tegnik ‘workshop’ in full view next door should you require a power boost but Just Like Papa has more ‘toys’ than your heart could possibly desire.

Whether trekking a berg, going camping with your crew or just being a good papa setting up camp for the home team in your back yard, investing in the right tools is key to getting any job well done. And, if you treat your trusted ‘companions’ with care they will support you in a lifetime of greater adventure.

From backpacking and hiking kit to tactical emergency support, multitools and even some sporting equipment, the Just Like Papa team have traversed the continents, visiting far-flung places with names like Storvik and Priekuļu in search of the gear gurus in every category.

In some cases more artworks than tools, they stock Wetterlings and Autine hand forged axes, Benchmade, Gerber, Kershaw and custom made Winkler knives. From the range of beautiful classic Stanley hip flasks, tents, cookware and apparel by MSR, the pioneers of high-performance outdoor gear, you’ll be covered for a morning-hike on Table Mountain or Mount Kilimanjaro.

DETAILS: Just Like Papa, 71 Harrington Street, Cape Town, +27(0)212864374.

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