Actors Dermot Mulroney, Julia Roberts and Stephan James attend the premiere of Amazon Studios' 'Homecoming'.
Actors Dermot Mulroney, Julia Roberts and Stephan James attend the premiere of Amazon Studios' 'Homecoming'.
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Uncompleted at the time of his death in 1985, Orson Welles’ long whispered of magnum opus The Other Side of the Wind has been completed and now comes to Netflix. Compiled by editor Bob Murawski and Welles’ friend and protégé director Peter Bogdanovich (who also stars in the film) from hundreds of hours of footage that the Citizen Kane director shot over six years from 1970 – it’s a fascinating, if flawed, portrait of 1970s excess. Over four decades later it still offers a searing critique of Hollywood and features a stand out performance by legendary director John Huston. 

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Best watched in combination with Morgan Neville’s excellent accompanying documentary – They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead, the story of the long journey that it’s taken for this lost classic to finally be shown to an audience – featuring fantastic on-set footage and interviews with Welles and his collaborators.

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3. MARVEL’S DAREDEVIL Season 3: Netflix

Blind lawyer and righteous avenger Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) returns to keep the streets of his beloved Hell’s Kitchen safe from the clutches of the Marvel Comics Universe’s most complicated villain, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio). Things take a while to get going in this third season, but once they do, there’s plenty of cracking action and inter-personal drama to keep everyone happy.

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4. THE LAST POST: Showmax

Shot in Cape Town and written by Peter Moffat (Criminal Justice, The Night Of), this is a satisfying piece of old-fashioned British historical television that looks at the lives and work of officers in the Royal Military Police stationed in the Middle East in the 1960s. Starring Stephen Campbell Moore, Ben Miles, Jessie Buckley and Jessica Rain, it’s a solidly produced and well acted portrait of people living their lives in a pivotal moment of change they can’t quite see happening around them.

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5. HOMECOMING: Amazon Prime

Julia Roberts makes her small screen debut in this complex and intelligent series based on a successful podcast about soldiers returned from Iraq and Afghanistan who participate in a study to examine their emotions and reactions as they try to reintegrate into normal life. Created by Sam Esmail who gave us Mr. Robot it’s a difficult but rewarding show that keeps you second guessing yourself and the characters right up until the last of its ten episodes.

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