GTV is the brand that brought you Chair no 14.
GTV is the brand that brought you Chair no 14.
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Bridging tradition and 21st century innovation, Wiener GTV Design is a company with a long history in furniture that’s timeless, modern and high on quality. A pioneer in the steam-bent process, founder Michael Thonet’s legacy continues to today. Why should you take notice of them?

1. Its pieces are featured at the luxurious Biblos Beach Resort

The luxurious new Biblos Beach Resort in Izmir, Turkey, features scores of pieces from this brand alone, including the Arch coffee table, Targa sofa, Hideout lounge chairs, Magistretti 03 01, Pince chairs and more. The resort was designed by Together Interior Architecture who created a sophisticated and refined take on luxury. The Le Jour brasserie alone is home to a profusion of Wiener GTV Design chairs, which are juxtaposed alongside one another at bar tables to eclectic effect.

2. It won the iF Design Award 2019

The Loïe armchair, designed by Chiara Andreatti, recently won the iF Design award for 2019, the brand’s third iF award in five years. The chair’s most distinctive element is its curved back of bent ash and woven cane which lends it sophisticated, yet feminine, form. Unobtrusive legs give the illusion the chair is floating, while the back cossets the sitter in ample comfort.

3. The classic Chair no 14

Chair 14 from GTV.
Chair 14 from GTV.
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Not only praised for the adoption (and perfection) of steam bending, the chair is also famed because it can be constructed with only six parts.

4. GTV is timeless

Rather than support what’s trendy or up-to-the-minute, GTV is a brand with a focus on timelessness, producing the future heirlooms of the design world. The high quality and modest form that their products are imbued with will guarantee their everlasting popularity. Not convinced? The brand has a history that dates back to 1853!

5. They have worked with some pretty big names in the design space

GTV has the agency for some of the world’s finest designers. Names, past and present, who have contributed to the GTV stable include Vico Magistretti, Nendo, Otto Wagner, Front, Michele de Lucchi and Michael Anastassiades, to name a few. All of them, award-winners in their own right, are celebrated for their ability to push the boundaries in the design field, producing pieces that blur the lines between works of art and functional design.

Wiener GTV Design’s pieces are available exclusively through Generation in South Africa.

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