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What three words would you use to describe your company Evolution Product? Conversations on textiles.

Your work draws from South Africa. What is it about our country that inspires you? The diversity of spectacular landscapes and the untold nostalgic narratives.

You have a fashion background. Why the shift to homeware? It happened by chance but fitted my development approach. The timelines and trends in homeware are less fickle, allowing me more time to develop products with depth.

How do you come up with ideas for new products? The ideas mostly come when I am not looking for them. That said, as our ranges flow into one another, the current range somehow seems to inspire the next one to unfold. As I pick up on one story, a visual or poem or plant might inspire me to explore the next range or narrative.

Are your products all produced locally? Yes, and we are also developing some of our linen bases locally.

You use interesting craft techniques in your textiles. What are some of your favourites? I love how our hand dyes always change, making each piece unique. The blue print process was an amazing experience. We took carefully selected plants, placed them on 100% treated linen and exposed them to sunlight to capture their delicate nature. As the process was influenced by the sun and cloud cover, each piece was unique.

Three homeware products every house should contain? An embroidered throw, cushions that communicate your interests and a wall panel that you can get lost in.

What has been your most rewarding experience since you founded Evolution Product? To employ young creatives and see how they evolve over the years.

An exhibition at Circa is a real nod to your work being recognised as fine art. What can we expect to see? A collection of our latest assortments, as well as some new one-off pieces.

'Evolution' , Amanda du Plessis' first solo show, is on at Circa Gallery in Joburg until February 27.  Visit

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