The Watermark Polo Club.
The Watermark Polo Club.
Image: Simz Mkhwanazi

Tell us about your happy place?

Watermark Polo Club is a fairly new polo club that is friendly and most welcoming for enthusiastic beginners and intermediate players. The club, based in Krugersdorp, is like a family, where everyone is keen to help each other out. Club members play together or play against each other and constantly affirm one another.

What makes the stables special?

The stables are special because of Alida Vermaak, an awesome mentor and coach. Without her, the polo club would not be the same. She has a big heart and she is always there to help members, exactly when we need it. Whether on the field or next to it, she is always there. She is our polo model.

You have a long relationship with polo, what made you love the sport?

The expansive polo field captivated me from the get-go. The more I read about polo, the more I became besotted with it. To think that the likes of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan played polo is like going back to antiquity. My relationship with polo has now evolved as a player because I am starting to get into the intricacies of playing and tactics.

What do you need to start learning and acquiring the skills to play a game of polo?

A love for horses is paramount. Taking the time to learn to ride and improving one’s horsemanship. Some dedication goes a long way.

The teams handicap's

Neil Strydom (-1)
Masedi Molosiwa (-1)
Karen Fourie (-1)
Willem Fourie (-1)
Namayian Muthokia (-1)
Alida Vermaak (1)
Matt Bezuidenhout (-1)
Anne-Marie Biccard (0)
Marilyn Gruwez (-1)
Matt de Gersigny (2)
Hadley Dickinson (-2)
Kevin Ganess (-1)


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