The AW18 Accessories collection from Bulgari is a showstopper. There are at least five It Bags in the making here with my favourite the cute little orange-coloured Diva’s Dream bag in shiny grain calf leather. It’s the perfect way to brighten up a winter outfit.

We all know Bulgari loves a snake and the Serpenti Forever Striped Galuchat is a masterpiece of materials as well as design. Twinkling in black and antique bronze, the bag is entirely made in galuchat, one of the most difficult materials  to treat due to its fragile delicacy. It’s like an elegant jewel – just what you’d expect from Italy’s most famous jewellery house.


OKHA designer Adam Court has created an extraordinary light called the “Law and Disorder” table lamp. The polished steel version is a gleaming masterpiece that I’m pretty sure is going to be in line for a design award.

Law and Disorder is made of four simple parts that are flawless in their symmetry. When viewed from above, you’ll see an equilateral triangle set within a perfect circle.

Says Adam: “Such faultless geometry is found everywhere in nature; fractals are pure geometrical figures and the building blocks from which our beautiful worldly chaos and disorder emanates. The Law & Disorder lamp effectively conveys this dualism of order within chaos, harmony in sync with the haphazard.”

Law and Disorder also comes in a black or white finish.

OHKA Law and Disorder Table Lamp
OHKA Law and Disorder Table Lamp
Image: Supplied

100% CLAY AT 100% DESIGN

Design maven Cathy O’Clery is curating the best of South African ceramics at 100% Design in Cape Town this coming weekend. O'Clery certainly has one of the best design eyes in the country and with her challenging the best ceramicists in SA like Clementina van der Walt to create once off pieces for this exhibition, I’m sure it’s going to be a real treat. The 100% Design pavilion can be found within Decorex at the CTICC.

100% Clay
100% Clay
Image: Supplied


If you remember the Genius series on Einstein that National Geographic aired last year, you’ll be as excited as I am about the new series on Picasso that started last night. I’m recording the series so I can watch it all at once (doesn’t everyone do that?) and can’t wait to see Antonio Banderas in the role of the legendary Spanish artist. If you missed last night’s premier, catch the rest of the series on National Geographic on DSTV on Sunday nights at 8pm.

WATCH | Genius: Picasso Trailer:


I’ve written about the Trenery Guild before: It’s a brilliant campaign to highlight the work of true artisans working in South Africa. This time it’s Ivorian tea artisan, Swaady Martin who talks about her passion for flowers and tea. The video is beautiful and Swaady’s words are like poetry. I just love the incredible attention to quality and craftsmanship that shines through in this campaign.

WATCH | Swaady Martin talks about her passion and inspiration for the Trenery Campaign:

Oh, and I do have a current musical obsession too: Feel it Still, by Portugal The Man. It’s simply the only song to play first thing on a Monday morning.

LISTEN | Feel it Still by Portugal:

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