Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly
Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly
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The annual travel issue of Wanted arrives in August each year — for obvious reasons. School is out and it’s when many of us simply can’t take another day of winter and head for northern climes or the sunburnt bushveld.

And while our Instagram feeds are going to be sizzling with endless summer sunsets from Croatia, Greece, and the Pafuri, I have a sense that for many people there has been a move towards exploring travel options that are more life-changing than mere escape; destinations that move you in more than just the geographical sense of the word.

I recently followed every step of Bev Missing’s remarkable endurance holiday that was the Camino de Santiago in Spain, on Facebook. I’ve naively always believed that St James’ pilgrimage had become something of a tourist trap and an excuse to walk through the lovely Spanish countryside, enjoying the local food and natural beauty.

But when I found myself weeping and laughing in equal measure over the Rain bathroom product entrepreneur’s Facebook account of her 37-day and 825km ordeal, I realised this was the real deal. 

I celebrated with Bev as she and her husband George finally reached the field of stars and — even though Bev is one of those Facebook friends I don’t actually know terribly well — I have a profound sense that their lives will never be the same again.

The same goes for many who undertake that other long trek — to the mountains of Uganda or Rwanda to see the rare mountain gorillas. With the Rwandan permit for an hour-long visit costing $1500, I would hope that gorilla watching is life changing.

Well, everyone from Ellen DeGeneres down seems to think so: sitting eye to eye on the forest floor with one of the world’s most endangered primates is unforgettable, they say.

Whatever moves you this August, we wish all our readers happy holidays!

PS Have you recently had a meaningful travel experience you would like to share? Email me on myburghj@tisoblackstar.co.za and we may feature it on wantedonline.co.za


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