Perched high above the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town’s upscale suburb of Bantry Bay, Ellerman House is nothing short of a byword for elegant luxury in the Mother City. With 13 suites, two remarkable villas, an enviable art collection, and a wine cellar to make an oenophile weep, it’s become the city’s most exclusive address.

Though it was banking man Paul Harris who transformed the property into a world-class boutique hotel in the early-1990s, this imposing Cape Edwardian pile is named for Sir John Ellerman, who purchased the house in 1962. Ellerman was heir to the family’s shipping business, and would — so the story goes — use the wide terrace to watch his ships sailing into Table Bay, one eye on the clock for any overdue captains.

Ellerman House.
Ellerman House.
Image: Supplied

That wide terrace remains at Ellerman House, though today guests gaze out to sea, not in search of tardy cargo ships, but mesmerised by some of the best sea views the city has to offer.

 From the December edition of Wanted, 2020.

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