Measuring in at 42 inches across the Klio is roughly the size of a decent tv but unlike most screens in your house this one won’t play Netflix, instead it is a moving picture frame dedicated to housing a cacophony of digital artworks.

Like most things in the tech world these days, Klio is not just a screen wrapped up in a handmade luxury frame made out of reclaimed steel, but, a device platform and community. The device is the aforementioned framed screen complete with up-close 4K resolution, the platform is the integrated app and built-in software that allows you to program and display your preferred artworks saved from around the web or made exclusively for the device by the community of paid artists who contribute and collaborate with Klio to make pretty, often moving things, for your wall.

What sets Klio apart from other screens that are used for digital art displays is the fact that it was built with only digital art in mind. Unlike most digital art screens that play flat images or video loops, Klio has a myriad of digital art formats including morphing imagery that unfolds over specific lengths of time and the ability to measure that time by turning your art into a clock. What’s more the platform is ever changing and always adding new art and functions making it an ever-evolving First (digital) Thursday.

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