Quite an unusual colour to consider applying to your eye lids, yellow is popping up everywhere as the new alternative to warm eyeshadow neutrals such as brown, bronze or gold.  As seen at Gucci, yellow eyeshadow can be used to make a graphic statement with a bright yellow wash over the eyes or made subtle with a pastel shade version.  Use a pastel yellow if you are fair skinned or amp up the pigment to a bold yellow if you are dark skinned.

Use: MAC Eyeshadow in Nice Energy R220


An eyeshadow trend that has filtered its way from Asia to the runways of CHANEL, red eyeshadow makes a fiery statement.  Seen at Delpozo, red can range from brick hues to scarlet washed all over the lid or just used in the waterline instantly opens up the eyes and gives then a ‘wide awake’ youthful appearance.  Red works well on all skin tones as it is quite a warm shade that is close to most skin undertones.  Opt for a true red and play around with both matte and metallic texture in this shade.

Use: Smashbox Covershot Eyeshadow Palette in Ablaze R650


As bright as tangerine or as warm as rust, orange is the unexpected pop of colour that you need to add to your beauty look.  As Salvatore Ferragamo did it, orange is best done bright, with a creamy texture and washed into the eyelid or in the socket of the eye. Lighter complexions can play with go for bright citrus washes of orange.  If you are a darker skin tone, opt for a more rusty or burnt orange. 

Use: Jones from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette R999

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