The spectacular Dolce and Gabbana Alta Moda Show
The spectacular Dolce and Gabbana Alta Moda Show
Image: (C) Dolce & Gabbana

Every year Dolce & Gabbana organise two high-fashion shows to celebrate Italy as a haute couture capital.

In winter the show is in Milan, and this year they celebrated the Teatro alla Scala, the world's most renowned opera house and the genius of Giuseppe Verdi, who embodies the Italian national identity.

The spectacle of the Alta Moda show channels precisely what Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce believe of Verdi: "He truly expresses the Italian spirit: the joy, the anguish, the drama and the smile."


6pm - guests arrive at the Laboratori del Teatro alla Scala

20,000 square metres - the size of the Laboratori del Teatro alla Scala and the venue of the Alta Moda show. All the sets, props and costumes for the La Scala productions are created here.

To reach the Alta Moda show, guests pass through the backstage production phases (costumes in the tailor shop and sets in the wood and mechanics shop) for 'La Traviata', which will be staged at the Teatro alla Scala this year.

140 operators, set designers, carpenters, blacksmiths, woodworkers, sculptors tailors and costume designers - the "prodigious hands" of the Laboratories of La Scala, as Domenico Dolce calls them - collaborated with Dolce and Gabbana to create the spectacular set for the Alta Moda show.

1 dead national treasure - Milanese composer Giuseppe Verdi, the inspiration for the Dolce Gabba Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria show.

2,087 letters, 1,260 iconographic documents, 59 musical manuscripts, 23 signed scores - consulted in the Ricordi archives by the Dolce and Gabbana design team to better understand the maestro and to integrate elements of the classic Verdi operas into the collections.

100 individual one-off looks, crafted entirely by hand for the Alta Moda show, which are reserved by number for specific clients and never to be repeated.

340 international guests.

300 couture clients attended the show.

7 days to build the set.

1 dress - It could take up to several WEEKS to craft just one of the looks, depending on the skills required, like beadwork, tapestry or embroidery.

WATCH: Get a closer look at some of the haute couture creations showcased at D&G's Alta Moda Show

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