This new fine-dining and entertainment space is situated in the heart of Newtown, one of Johannesburg’s richest heritage sites and oldest creative hubs. The Gentlemen’s Arthouse, built in the original 1911 Edwardian washrooms (or outhouse), has been transformed into an eclectic, luxurious space. The new spot — owned by Maira and John Koutsoudakis, founders of the Life group of companies — aims to have the atmosphere of a private club, where guests can take in the grandeur of the surroundings, while experiencing a kind of theatre of food, cocktails, and art.

The space includes a grand design, with an ornate, handmoulded brass bar, 
and a façade made from repurposed Victorian pressed-metal ceiling panels, while the original green tiles and urinals of the outhouse remain. The menu is designed by Life executive chefs Jeanel Pieterse and Marc Proenca. The 
Gentlemen’s Arthouse hosts private evenings every Thursday. It will extend the offering to the weekend when it opens its doors officially in November.

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