Summer, categorically the trendiest season of them all, is upon us. This is especially evident when it comes to food trends. It would appear the poké bowl’s phase is hastily being edged off the pantheon by none other than the humble chicken. Yup, all things chicken, including eggs, are the latest trend, which can be attested to by the fervent sprouting of chicken haunts in Chicago, Nairobi, Copenhagen, and, more unexpectedly, in the food capital of Modena.

Father and son duo Stewart and Iain Banner, together with Matt Mullholland, have opened the doors to their “pluckingly” fabulous eatery, completely and utterly dedicated to everyone’s favourite bird: the chicken. Not much else is as moreish as a perfectly roasted chicken.

The new Shortmarket Street haunt, appropriately dubbed Roast & Co, will be offering a variety of dishes, all rooted in a celebration of the delicious bird. Roast & Co − taking over the location that not so long ago was home to celebrated French bistro Bizerca − will offer lip-smacking roast chicken whole, halved, or quartered.

The space has been overhauled and given a fresh lease on life, with exposed brick walls, bare wood tabletops, and tan leather stools, that together combine to create simething of TriBeCa in its aesthetic. It will offer locally inspired side dishes with a twist: think pap, but with truffle oil, fritters, and braaied mielies. Resistance is futile: all hail chicken.

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