“My mother always used to reply when  I asked her what  she wanted for
Christmas, ‘I don’t want anything, just a box filled with love’”


“This, in my opinion, gives you a great opportunity to fill a  box with home-made
treats, such as biscuits, yoghurt, and berry slices, rusks, and rocky road. Bake everything in bulk, and this way you won’t have a problem filling those boxes! I had a seal made with my initials, which I use to seal the boxes with gold wax and red rope. If baking is not your forté, raid the nearest home industries for home-baked koeksisters, ginger biscuits, or biltong and droewors. Don’t forget that food is the one and only way to someone’s heart. I also love the idea of getting a subscription to a  monthly wine club.  This way, Christmas lasts all year!”

SALUTI! Crafting the most delightfully perfect gift idea for 70 years

Ferrero began its story in the town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946, so this festive season the globally famed, premium confectionery company has even more reason to celebrate.

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