Yasmin Furmie
Yasmin Furmie
Image: Lydia Wessels

BISTRO COOKING | by Cyril Lignac

I love food and travelling, and I have been lucky enough to have eaten at Cyril Lignac’s restaurant in Paris. He is a magnificent chef, who makes beautiful food with ingredients sourced locally. He is also adventurous in his presentations.

Image: Lydia Wessels

MARELLA AGNELLI | by Marella Agnelli

Marella Agnelli was an incredibly fashionable woman, who was married to Fiat heir Gianni Agnelli and was a friend of Truman Capote, which is why she is known as The Last Swan. This book is an interesting look at the very glamorous life of this woman, who came from an aristocratic family.

Image: Lydia Wessels

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN : SAVAGE BEAUTY | by Andrew Bolton, Harold Koda, and Tim Blanks

I went to see his exhibition at the V&A in London, and I think that he was not only one of the most prolific designers of the 20th century, but he was also a historian, and you can see this in his clothes.

THE SOUTH AFRICAN BALLET THEATRE | photography by Patrick De Mervelec

My daughter is a ballet dancer and it is part of our life, although she recently stopped dancing to focus on her academics. She used to be in a programme at
The South African Ballet Theatre and these images are captured in its beautiful Braamfontein studio. Ballet is beautiful to watch because of the discipline you put your body through.

Image: Lydia Wessels

CLAUDETTE SCHREUDERS | by Rory Bester, Faye Hirsch, and Antjie Krog

Although Claudette Schreuders is mainly a sculptor, I also appreciate her drawings and paintings. If you look at the people in her work there is a sense of
alienation about them, as if they were shy. I like that she crosses the mediums from drawing to sculpture. You look at it and go: “There is something weird
about it.”

Image: Lydia Wessels

FRENCH KISS | by Peter Turnley

Turnley is a good friend of mine: I met him in 1988, when his brother took photographs of me for National Geographic. He is a famous photographer and has captured a lot of images, from France to Cuba to South Africa, where he
captured the post-’94 atmosphere. His pictures in this book are magnificent and intimate.

Image: Lydia Wessels

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