Some safety hazards require immediate plans of action.
Some safety hazards require immediate plans of action.
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While most of our homes are relatively safe, there remain a few safety hazards that are best to tackle sooner rather than later. With most families consisting of children and the elderly, safety hazards around the house can cause major problems. Investigating your home routinely for any safety hazards can be beneficial to your family and your finances. 

While some safety hazards are more common than others, some require immediate plans of action.

Here are a few safety hazards to look out for around the house, including some tips on how the best tackle them. 

Slippery surfaces in the bathroom and shower

Slipping and falling in the shower remains one of the greatest concerns for most of us.

Tip: The slippery surfaces in your bathroom and shower are best remedied with strategically placed non-slip shower mats and rubber-lined bathroom rugs.  

Falls caused by stairs and poor lighting

One of the most common hazards around the house are staircases lit up by poor lighting or badly placed light bulbs. Unstable staircase railings are also a safety hazard and cause a few mishaps. 

Tip: Use fluorescent light bulbs that are strategically placed and bright enough to avoid tumbling down the stairs and breaking a bone. Also, make sure that staircase railings are secured for a firmer grip. Having a great home insurance policy in place will go a long way in getting repairs done around your home. 

Fire hazards

Fire hazards are a real and prevalent threat for any homeowner.

Tip: Investing in a fire extinguisher and having fire alarms or smoke detectors installed is a practical way to avoid what could be a dreadful situation. Make sure to have the wiring of your home assessed by a professional to minimise the risk of a fire. A comprehensive budget insurance policy is another fireproof way of protecting your assets from fire hazards. 

Pesticides and rat poison

Keep these out of reach of children and pets. Pesticides and rat poison can be fatal to pets and young children and can cause severe adverse reactions in teenagers and adults. 

Tip: Store these particular poisons in out-of-reach places. Try to store harmful and toxic chemicals in airtight containers that cannot easily be opened by children. 

Paying attention to the little things in your house can make a big difference to how you experience your home. Going the extra mile to have routine hazard checks will help you get a good night’s rest. Give yourself the gift of a secure home that is covered in case of a safety hazard gone wrong. 

Having an extensive insurance policy in place will give you the freedom and peace of mind to live your way, one less safety hazard at a time.

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