Pascal Asin.
Pascal Asin.
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Essential grooming product? Marseille soap. It’s 100% natural, traditionally made in the south of France, cooked in a cauldron, stamped, and cut by hand. Favourite scent? I wear Eau Sauvage by Dior.

The place everyone should visit before they die? Petra in Jordan is the most beautiful ancient city carved out of red sandstone.

Essential tech? My Fitbit watch — it’s definitely helped to improve my fitness.

Coffee or tea? Green tea, especially by Mariage Frères teas.

 Ultimate luxury? Time with friends and family.

Favourite place to eat out? I am a Peter Tempelhoff fan and love his restaurant, Fyn, in central Cape Town.

Dream purchase? To buy land and forests, in order to help contain climate change and assist the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of nature. By conserving biodiversity, we not only make sure that our surroundings are richer and more diverse, but we also secure the resources that will continue to provide improvements in the quality of human life.

Currently reading? The Key of Solomon by JR dos Santos.

Listening to? Stormzy, Bob Marley, Rilès, Aya Nakamura, Chilly Gonzales, and local superstars Boity and Black Coffee.

Artists you’ve got your eye on? Richard Mudariki — he’s deeply interested in the intersection of personal and political worlds. I also like Jake Aikman’s vast and seductive seascapes.

Fyn restaurant in Cape Town.
Fyn restaurant in Cape Town.
Image: Bruce Tuck

Best way to spend a Sunday morning? A walk around Lion’s Head and brunch with friends and family.

Series you’ve been bingeing on? During lockdown I discovered the Genius of the Modern World documentaries, which I loved.

Fashion icon? I am so proud of our own Thebe Magugu, winner of the 2020 LVMH prize. I find his work really inspiring.

What makes you happiest? Walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean, being in touch with nature — simple pleasures I had forgotten for the past 20 years due to my intensive work schedule.

Moët & Chandon.
Moët & Chandon.
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Minimalism or maximalism? Definitely minimalist.

Last knockout travel destination? Croatia, with its 1 800km coastline, islands, turquoise Adriatic Sea, and fantastic history and food.

When travel resumes as normal, to where would you immediately book a ticket? Cappadocia in Turkey.

Dream dinner-party guests? Michael Jordan, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Michelle Obama, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Joyce Banda, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci.

What will we always find in your fridge? Organic fruit and veggies and champagne: Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot or Ruinart.

A great gift you were given recently? On my 50th birthday, my closest friend surprised me with a birthday weekend away with my innermost circle of friends. It was completely unexpected. It is always a special moment to be surrounded by the people you appreciate and love and celebrate a big milestone.

What inspires you? People fighting for good causes. The world needs more people with strong belief systems who fight inertia and the status quo in the hopes of making a positive impact. I applaud their efforts and I am so respectful of their good work. For example, the Kolisi Foundation — founded by Siya and Rachel Kolisi — and Gavin Rajah with his NPO, White Light Movement, which helps victims of gender-based violence and abuse. I am also very proud of Richard Mabaso, an amazing social entrepreneur.

Cappadocia, Turkey.
Cappadocia, Turkey.
Image: 123RF

Top city in the world? Paris in the morning is beautiful, Paris in the afternoon is charming, and Paris in the evening is enchanting and magical.

 From the November edition of Wanted, 2020.

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