Samsung Bespoke Cube Refrigerator.
Samsung Bespoke Cube Refrigerator.
Image: Supplied

The debate around whether a beauty fridge is truly useful or just marketing hype continues unabated, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from creating the Bespoke Cube Refrigerator. Available in a range of metallic — mostly pastel — colours, the 25l fridge can be used for beauty products or to store your wine, pet food, or vitamins. It has a trans-parent door with UV-blocking technology and connects to Samsung’s SmartThings, allowing you to get alerts should anything change with the temperature.

If you’re concerned about anyone sneakily getting into the fridge when you’re not around, simply arm the door alarm or just lock it.

Weighing only 14kg and sporting a compact design, the fridge can be placed anywhere in your home and has an optional stand. You can also stack two of them and, thanks to the low-noise and low-vibration design, keep it in your study or bedroom without the noise being a problem. Whether you need a beauty fridge is something I’ll leave to you to decide, but sometimes you shouldn’t have to need something to want it.

• From the August edition of Wanted, 2023.

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